Every time you look for something different.

Something that will always distinguish itself from the ordinary and known.

In that moment, you decide to choose the unexplored journey lined with obstacles and doubts, if the chosen course is right.

We decided to devote our effort to finding a solution for something as ordinary as parking your car, yet we refused to accept the ordinary.

Basic functionality without any aesthetic sensitivity does not satisfy us.

Even something as ordinary as covered parking can incorporate functionality with design and modern technologies.

As exquisite as the cars parked inside.

Because we could not find such a product on the market, we decided to create one ourselves.

The CAR PENTHOUSE covered parking space project incorporates design, unconventional solutions and modern technologies.

The covered parking space therefore becomes a real organic part of a house or an office - your own stylish garage.


Product range

While creating the structural and design solutions for our covered parking spaces, we established only one limit:

There are no limits

There are no limits

There are no limits

Our offer of designs, engineering solutions and accessories will be continuously expanded and innovated according to the expectations of our customers and we will be pushing the limits of what is possible.

Based on the requirements of our clients, we create a completely individual proposition and concept for the covered CAR PENTHOUSE.

There are no limits



The essential product of our product portfolio is the CAR PENTHOUSE PIT STOP ONE covered parking space.

The original proposition of our design solution is based on the idea “less is more”. Rather than pomposity, we emphasise details, material solutions and functionality.

At the same time, the frame is suitable for a number of comfort accessories which upgrade your covered parking to a full scale garage.

Comfortable accessories

Comfortable accessories

Comfortable accessories

The CAR PENTHOUSE PIT STOP ONE covered parking satisfies even the most demanding functionality and minimalistic design requirements. From the very beginning of the PIT STOP ONE development process, we kept in our mind the future implementation of comfort features and accessories.

Based on customer requirements, it is possible to equip the covered parking frame with manual or electric garage doors, LED lighting, charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles, an alarm, etc. There is a lot more on the list of accessories.

The indoor clearance height allows for the comfortable opening of the storage compartment of SUV vehicles as well. The horizontal clearance permits the comfortable opening of all doors and manipulation with objects such as child seats.

The enclosure panels of the CAR PENTHAUSE PIT STOP ONE could be made of glass, expanded metal sheets, wood panels or a combination of these materials.

 The ingenious design of modular construction allows the expansion of the covered parking for up to six cars.

Comfortable accessories
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

standard equipment

  • steel frame with high quality double layer surface treatment
  • selection of steel frame colour according to RAL colour pattern
  • detachable joints
  • frame protective skirts
  • fully roofed with integrated rainwater drainage
  • attic frame made of bounding cassette

optional equipment

  • automatic or manual garage doors
  • LED interior lighting
  • LED driveway lighting
  • alarm / camera surveillance system
  • charging station for electric cars and hybrids
  • envelope glass panels / expanded metal sheets / wood panels / high-pressure laminate panels

standard external dimensions of the base module (up to midsize SUVs)

  • width 3.700 mm
  • length 6.140 mm
  • height 2.300 mm (to the lower edge of the attic)

The possibility of folding the modules side by side / modification of optional module dimensions is possible

Technical specifications

Design and function

The incorporation of design and functionality is an absolute priority in the CAR PENTHOUSE design stage.

A minimalistic approach to design or by contrast a dynamic look - always using high quality materials and sophisticated details. This is the approach we take in order to create the garage for your car.

LED indoor lighting (optional equipment) makes getting in and out of the car and manipulation with objects more pleasant in everyday life. At night it provides an excellent view of your surroundings.

LED lightning alongside the driveway (optional equipment) improves orientation and assures safe parking in low visibility conditions.

Indoor protective rubber skirts prevent damage from occurring while opening the doors of your car.

The outside walls of the covered parking may remain open. But if you prefer full cover, be sure to choose from the wide variety of glass, coated expanded metal sheets or perforated metal sheets, composite materials (bond, silbonit, etc.)

Our offer also includes wooden facades.

CAR PENTHOUSE 24 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 01 middle.jpg
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CAR PENTHOUSE 28 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 02 middle.jpg
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CAR PENTHOUSE 29 middle.jpg
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CAR PENTHOUSE 26 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 05 middle.jpg
CPH Havirov 05 small+logo.jpg
CAR PENTHOUSE 30 middle.jpg
CPH Havirov 06 small+logo.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 08 middle.jpg
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CarPenthouse Hranice 09 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 06 middle.jpg
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CarPenthouse Hranice 11 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 12 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 13 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 15 middle.jpg
CarPenthouse Hranice 16 middle.jpg
CPTH 2 - 02 middle.jpg
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CAR PENTHOUSE 07 middle.jpg
CAR PENTHOUSE 01 middle.jpg
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CAR PENTHOUSE 09 middle.jpg
CAR PENTHOUSE 10 middle.jpg
CPTH 2 - 12 middle.jpg
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CPTH 2 - 17 middle.jpg
CAR PENTHOUSE 20 middle.jpg
pohled 1.jpg
pohled 2.jpg



The construction of CAR PENTHOUSE covered parking is designed in order fulfil the comfortable parking expectations of car owners without any compromises. 

In many ways it can be compared to parking in a conventional garage while combining the advantages of outdoor covered parking.

Title 1

The development of the PIT STOP ONE covered parking series lasted two years, including the production of two functioning prototypes. During this period, we continuously improved the design according to the experience and suggestions of our customers.

Title 1
Title 2

The construction details fully reflect our long-term experience and expertise in the design of all-glass fixed facades (

Title 2
Title 3

We cooperate on accessories with verified suppliers, with an emphasis on the quality of the materials and design.

Title 3
Title 4

The design platform of the PIT STOP ONE model remains open - ready for additional modifications and meeting the requests of our customers.

Title 4



We listen to your request

We set up a meeting and give all of our attention to the client in order to propose the ideal concept for your covered parking. Your conception is our source of inspiration. After we receive your requirements, we will follow them. The limits of what is possible are set up by you, our customers.


Proposal strictly according to your requirements

We create and prepare a proposal for the customer according to specific requirements. The presentation of a visualisation to a customer is another step towards understanding what we are able to provide. We are able to implement anything that you can imagine.


Construction preparations and work schedule

We elaborate a progress chart and establish sequences of individual technological steps. We naturally offer complex construction site preparation as well. There is no need to secure a building approval or declaration for buildings up to 25 m2.


Rapid and precise implementation

The implementation itself follows the requirements of the customer, approved documentation and work schedule. All you need to do is to park your car and enjoy the comfort of your covered parking space in any weather conditions.


LED lighting

LED lighting

LED lighting

Your CAR PENTHOUSE could be even more comfortable and safe with modern and efficient LED lighting. Based on your request, we are able to design and install lighting for the parking area, but also alongside the driveway. A motion sensor guarantees that the lighting always switches on while entering or driving into the covered parking space.

A wide selection of LED light sources colours, tones and intensities are available for you.

LED lighting
Garage doors

Garage doors

Garage doors

Based on your request, we can provide adequate garage doors for your CAR PENTHOUSE covered parking. Garage doors are supplied by a renowned Czech manufacturer. Your vehicle is therefore even more secure against the weather conditions and other inconveniences.

You are free to choose between manual or electric power garage doors.

Garage doors
Security systems

Security systems

Security systems

Customers looking for the absolute safety of secure parking can be provided with safety motion sensors for their covered parking space. Based on a specific configuration, it is possible to connect the motion sensors to the alarm system of a family house or apartment, or to the safety system of a security agency.

Security systems
Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance

If you wish to be able to monitor your vehicle in any specific moment or simply increase safety measures for your parking space, we can offer you the installation of a camera surveillance system. Based on the location of the covered parking, we can find an appropriate solution considering the previously used technologies and your requirements.

Camera surveillance
Charging points

Charging points

Charging points

Progress cannot be stopped. Hybrid or fully electric cars are increasingly becoming part of everyday traffic.

For this purpose, we offer covered parking with a charging point including accessories for most of the car brands and models that are currently available on the market. We provide complex solutions in cooperation with a renowned manufacturer.

Charging points


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